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21 Oct 2014
Canon powershot camera lens error repair
We reside in a throw-away society, it's really a inescapable fact. You buy that brand-new fancy digicam with all the features for $400, plus 6 months to a single year it's worth maybe half that, and then the unthinkable happens: you drop it and it breaks. The LCD is cracked, or even the lens is jammed; where do you turn?

Canon powershot camera lens error repair

You can get digicam repair for several money, or you check around you can get find affordable digital camera repair on the net! Gotta love the net!

You can find options, there will always be options to every problem. Honest! Yes, it is $100 to repair you guessed it-your camera, you will find you can purchase that camera in the bubble pack on the shelf at W**l M**t (they don't really pay my bills... I do not advertise their name, sorry) for under $100, but what type of quality do you honestly expect from the $100 camera? Not very good quality I hope, because you're not getting it.

Ok, digicam lens repair can be as common as LCD repair, but it's #2 in my list as it's harder to fix an electronic camera lens and you will find so many different forms of lens problems whereas a damaged LCD can be a broken LCD regardless how you look at it.

- Don't leave the batteries in your camera within the camera bag. The power button may be pressed accidentally inducing the lens to increase and get jammed as it cannot open properly within the bag. - Don't drop the digital camera with all the lens extended. - Don't ever pull or twist over a lens that isn't working 100% properly, you may just break it.

I might need to write a book to totally explain lens problems fully (hmm.. maybe a wise decision!) so I will attempt and keep it easier and informative.

The lens comprises of numerous parts... Let's begin using the several items of glass called the lens elements. The outer lens element is vulnerable to being scratched and scuffed, and often has a special coating onto it you don't wish to clean served by isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), or Windex or something similar. It is not no more the planet, , nor worry about it if it's missing. Just keep your lens clean (exactly why are there fingerprints in your lens anyway??) and scratch free.

The inner-most lens element is in charge of the fine focus and resides directly while watching CCD. When you press the shutter button midway down to focus, this part moves forwards and backwards till it's in the correct position along with your image is within focus. You may not be messing using this section of the lens... if you don't seem like removing the lens from you and then tearing down the lens to get at it's 'guts'. It's kinda fun the very first time, but uh... If only you luck getting it back together properly. The tearing apart stuff is fun, the putting it together again is a drag!

The lens has two small motors making use of their own gears that connect to the 2 main elements of the lens. The larger motor drives the lens barrel out and in when zooming. Smaller motor drives the fine focus element mentioned previously and controls the focus. If you get ONE GRAIN of sand over these gears, they are going to jam as well as the lens will "error out" as we like to say. Open it up up and fix it out if you like, however it is difficult. Often the main motor with the lens has 5-6 different gears that must be set and aligned properly to operate. However, your lens is jammed, you will want to see how it works, right?

As there are the CCD, "charge-coupled device" which translates the light that enters the lens right into a digital signal the camera can record.

There was a very large CCD recall for Sony camera lens repair within the last few years that covers many manufacturers and not just Sony, as Sony provided the CCDs to numerous others for their cameras. The defective CCD's make the camera to adopt solid black photos, or purple/pink "dripping paint" photos, or they've repeating white horizontal or verticle lines around the images. If your camera does this, call the manufacturer and let them know you want a repair beneath the CCD recall regardless of how old your camera is! If it is on the list, you will get the digital camera repaired at no cost.

Got spots on your own images that will get bigger and smaller as you zoom in and out? Probably there exists a spec of dust in your CCD. You need to take away the lens and then eliminate the CCD in the back of the lens and clean it off. Don't lose the gasket which goes round the CCD, don't get every other dirt in the lens and don't leave any fingerprints! Tall order I know, sorry, I'm demanding. =)

Let's see... what else? Your lens is a component way to avoid it, stuck in an angle as the camera was dropped while turned on. Now please read that carefully; the lens should be stuck part way out or entirely out, and something section of the lens Should be stuck at an angle. The lens must not move freely in any way with this section to utilize, and you might workout Your OWN RISK. These repair trick works, however am not in charge of your actions or what you caused by the digital camera.


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